Arizona Gel 5000 Pocket Sprung Mattress





The Arizona Gel 5000 Mattress uses the most advanced technology in mattress comfort. Manufactured by infusing a special layer of Coolgel™ to the base layer, it creates a sleeping surface which offers a latex-gel feel to provide sensational levels of comfort and rebound.
The advanced PU-based memory foam mattress has been engineered to offer the same feel and pressure relieving properties as a normal memory foam mattress but without the associated heat discomfort.The mattress acclimates to cooler environments for softer, fresher, supported, blissful sleep. By using Coolgel™, it provides a far better sleeping experience as it will feel cooler, softer and fresher. Additional benefits also include being great for allergy and asthma suffers and offers a reliable long-lasting performance compared to normal memory foam products.

The Arizona Gel 5000 Mattress with a layer of CoolGel­™ Developed by NASA, memory foam is a unique layer of high density visco-elastic polymer gel which is heat and pressure sensitive.By using a layer of Coolgel™ to infuse into the mattress, it provides a far better sleeping experience as it will feel cooler, softer and fresher.

Below the layer of Coolgel™ our manufacturer uses A thick layer of reflex foam to act as the support mechanism/foundation layer in this mattress. Unlike memory foam, reflex foam does not mould to your body and bounces back very quickly. Due to these special properties, it is a fairly firm material which will provide a supportive layer to a mattress to ensure your weight is distributed properly. Married with 5000 pocket springs this really is an amazingly supportive and comfortable nights sleep. British made with a reinforced foam encapsulated border to offer edge to edge support.

  • Mattress Height       11″ / 28cm


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2.6 Small Single, 3.0 Single, 4.0 Small Double, 4.6 Double, 5.0 Kingsize, 6.0 Super Kingsize


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